Anaphylaxis Canada 

Personal Investments:

Vida Spas, with 5 locations, provide treatments that are tailored to the needs of each guest and are designed to restore energy and promote wellbeing. At Vida, customers can choose from a range of traditional body therapies, facials, wraps and exfoliations. Many of Vida Spas’ treatments are based on Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing from India. Visit for more information.

Sprigg Software provides efficient, cost effective, online talent management solutions that increase employee engagement and elevate performance. Offering a host of highly intuitive products – such as Performance Reviews, 360 Feedback, Peer Reviews, Catalytic Coaching Online (CCO) and the sales tool Growing Profitable Sales (GPS) – Sprigg software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with built in support 24/7. Visit for more information.

FEAST is an allergy-friendly fine food store based in Toronto. Their in-house kitchen is free from common allergens including gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish and they favor ingredients that are local, organic, and non-GMO. FEAST offers delivery to your doorstep, catering for your next event as well as kids cooking classes. As a father of 2 children with anaphylactic allergies, Bruce chose to invest personally in this niche business in 2014. Visit for more information.

WALKAWAY Canada Inc. is a multi-national administrator of smart, responsible, debt protection products. The company’s protection relieves consumers from financing shortfalls on their vehicle when a life-changing event prevents them from making their payments. WALKAWAY currently administers protection for more than $50-billion worth of vehicle financing through its operations in Canada and its licenses in the United States and Australia. Visit for more information. 

Dragon’s Den Investments:

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters is an artisanal coffee roasting company with 9 European-style cafe locations in Southern Ontario. Balzac's offers fair trade organic coffee, sugar and cocoa and all milk used is organic and locally sourced. Upon Balzac’s pitch on Dragon’s Den in 2011, Bruce invested in the coffee chain along with fellow Dragon, Arlene Dickinson. Visit for more information.

EnRICHed Academy is a wealth building, financial literacy training series for teens and young adults. Targeting schools, corporations, families, advisors and agents, the company offers entertaining and informative videos to engage and educate the next generation in financial literacy. EnRICHed Academy presented their business on Dragon’s Den in 2013. Bruce Croxon and Jim Treliving chose to invest together in this unique product. Visit for more information.

Millenium Ice Canada has created Whole Body Cryotherapy, a technology that helps the body maintain peak performance and appearance as an alternative method to a traditional ice bath. It works by entering a CryoCabin that is cooled down for 2.5 minutes. The sessions are dry, safe, and quick. Bruce Croxon and David Chilton chose to invest after the company’s pitch on Dragon’s Den is 2013. The CryoCabin can now be found at Vida Spas, Bruce’s spa line. Visit for more information.

The Carbon Farmer is a tree planting service based in Alberta, Canada. Individuals and companies can commission the Carbon Farmers to plant trees in order to offset their carbon footprints. With Bruce’s tree planting background and passion for the outdoors, both he and Arlene Dickinson chose to invest in this family business on Dragon’s Den in 2013. Visit for more information.

Photography courtesy of BNN, a division of bell media